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photo of Lynn Coppedge, 4+1 BSP + MUEP alumna

Lynn Coppedge, Sustainability Planner, City of Lakewood, CO

"“My current position challenges me to find solutions to financial, political, and cultural barriers and applies a multitude of the principles that I studied at ASU."
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Accelerated Program for the Bachelor of Science (BSP) and Master of Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP) Degrees

Fast track / 4+1 BSP and MUEP program

The School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning’s fast track approach allows highly qualified students who are finishing their Bachelor of Science in Planning degree to be enrolled simultaneously in the Master of Urban and Environmental Planning degree program. These students are permitted to take up to 18 credits of graduate courses as undergraduates after admission to the fast track, 9 of which is coursework that would be shared between the two degrees’ programs of study.

Coursework for fast track students

Students in the fast track option will need to complete of all the required courses for each of the two degrees. This includes the final required capstone course requirements or other graduation requirements for each of the two degrees.

The courses that will serve the requirements for both BSP and MUEP degrees are as follows:

  1. The course on planning and development control law is taught in both the undergraduate and graduate programs and should be taken at the graduate level to cover both BSP and MUEP requirements (PUP 531)
  2. Similarly other undergraduate courses have graduate-level counterparts and may be taken at the graduate level while completing the BSP and shared between the two programs. These shared courses will meet the requirement for the BSP degree and will be regarded as elective courses in the graduate program. Only one class at the 400 level will be accepted.  These include but are not limited to:
  • PUP 410/598 Public/Citizen Participation Fall (elective) 3 credits
  • PUP 425/525 Urban Housing Analysis Spring (elective) 3 credits
  • PUP 430/550 Transportation & the Environment Spring (elective) 3 credits
  • PUP 442/598 Environmental Planning Fall (elective) 3 credits
  • PUP 444/526 or 527 Preservation Planning Summer (elective) 3 credits
  • PUP 445/598 Women in the Environment (elective) 3 credits
  • PUP 465/565 Sustainable Urbanism (elective) 3 credits

In addition to the 9 shared courses, fast track students will take an additional 9 hours of the following banked classes which will be held out of the BSP degree program to transfer into the MUEP degree program:

  • PUP 571 Socioeconomic Impact Analysis (core) 3 credits – MUST TAKE – offered each Fall
  • PUP 576 GIS Workshop (core) 3 credits – MUST TAKE – offered each Spring
  • One 3-credit Planning elective at the graduate level

Sample Program of Study (pdf)


Since this shared degree option is intended for exceptional students, all candidates must have a minimum university cumulative GPA of 3.5 in all courses taken at ASU. All applicants should have taken 75 credit hours toward their BSP degree before applying to the accelerated program. They must have completed 90 credits of undergraduate study before enrolling in any accelerated course that will be included on their BSP program of study. All candidates for the accelerated program will have completed PUP 190 Sustainable Cities, PUP 301 Introduction to Urban Planning and PUP 363 History of Planning.

Application Process

Step 1: Application to the BSP/MUEP (Spring of Junior Year)

Students must complete the application for the BSP/MUEP Fast Track program indicating their rationale for entering the accelerated program and acquire 2 letters of endorsement from members of the faculty. All application materials must be submitted by March 15 of the junior year in the BSP program for admission to the joint program beginning the following fall (start of the senior year).  Submit application to Karen Winters, Senior Program Coordinator of Graduate Programs,

Applications for admission will be reviewed by the MUEP admissions committee. Students admitted to the accelerated program must submit their parallel programs of study (one for the BS and one for the MEUP) within a month of admission into the accelerated program.

Step 2:  Application to the Office of Graduate Education (Fall of Senior Year)

Students must have 90 credit hours completed to begin the program. They must apply online to the Office of Graduate Education for formal admission to the MUEP program the fall semester of their senior year BEFORE they start sharing hours between the two programs.

Step 1: Application to the BSP/MUEP Program
Step 2: Application to the Office of Graduate Education


Satisfactory Academic Progress

Student progress toward completing both degrees will be monitored at the end of each academic year by both the undergraduate and graduate program coordinators. Written progress reports on work for the two degrees must be added to the student’s file at the end of each academic year.

Students in the Accelerated Program must maintain an overall ASU cumulative 3.0 GPA at both the graduate and undergraduate level.  Students will officially be considered undergraduates until all work for the BSP degree is completed and the student’s bachelor’s degree has been awarded and posted to the student’s transcripts. They will NOT be eligible for teaching and research assistantships and related health insurance, financial aid, or graduate award programs until the undergraduate degree is completed.

Students must complete the bachelors’ degree within one academic year of the initiation of the joint degree program. A student will be removed from participation in the accelerated program if he or she does not complete the undergraduate program within one academic year after starting the joint program, or if their cumulative undergraduate GPA drops below 3.0, or if the student fails to register for classes in all successive spring-fall semesters. If removed from the accelerated program the student would be removed from the MUEP degree program, but would be permitted to continue in the BSP program. Such a student could later apply for regular admission to the MUEP program, but he or she would NOT be able to count any shared courses toward their MUEP program.