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Concurrent Masters Degree Program: Public Administration and Urban Planning


Two units at ASU, the School of Public Affairs and the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, have partnered to allow students to concurrently work towards a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) and Masters in Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP). The program builds powerful qualifications for a public service career, building a broad expertise that links the practice of urban planning to its implementation.

A full-time student is able to complete both degrees in three years.

The MPA degree is the professional degree for people who want a public service career in management. In the MPA program, students develop the skills and techniques used by leaders and managers to implement policies, projects, and programs that resolve important societal problems while addressing organizational, human resource, and budgetary challenges. The MUEP is an interdisciplinary, professional degree designed to prepare students for leadership roles in planning in the public and private sectors. It builds expertise in diverse aspects of planning, from physical planning to understanding of an urban system to re-envisioning urban systems.


Degree requirements and sample plan of study:

Students will earn a total of 71 credit hours to satisfy both degree programs. With 18 credit hours shared between the MUEP and the MPA, the total number of credit hours is reduced from the 89 hours required to complete each degree separately.

Sample Plan of Study:  Here is an example of a plan for completing all requirements for both degrees over a three-year period.


To apply for the dual degree program:

Students wishing to apply for the dual MPA/MUEP degree program will have to apply to and be accepted by both programs. For detailed information about applying to each, see:

Although applicants to the MPA program are accepted year round, dual degree applicants will be accepted only for the fall and spring semesters each year.


Application deadlines:


  • Spring: November 1
  • Fall: June 1


  • Spring: October 15, for best consideration of acceptance
  • Fall: January 15, for best consideration of acceptance