Randy Cerveny

President's Professor

COOR 5584

Research Interests


Awards and Honors

2006 - World Meteorological Organization Rapporteur for Climate Extremes
2005 - President's Professor, Arizona State University
2001 - Fairbury Ambassador, Germanfest
1998 - Arizona State University College of Liberal Arts & Science Excellence In Teaching Award

Selected Publications


Cerveny, R. 2009. Weather's Greatest Mysteries Solved. New York: Prometheus Press (forthcoming).

Cerveny, R. 2006. Freaks of the Storm (From Flying Cows to Stealing Thunder, The World's Strangest True Weather Stories), New York: Thunder's Mouth Press (Avalon Publishing Group), 371 pp.

Journal Articles

White, Joshua R., R. S. Cerveny, R. C. Balling, 2012. Seasonality in European Red Dust/“Blood” Rain EventsBulletin of the American Meteorological Society93, 471–476.

Myint, S. W., M. Yuan, R. S. Cerveny, and C. Giri. 2008. Categorizing natural disaster damage assessment using satellite-based geospatial techniques. Natural Hazards Earth System Sciences, 8(4): 707-719.

Myint, S. W., Y. May, R. Cerveny, and C.P. Giri. 2008. Comparison of remote sensing image processing techniques to identify tornado damage areas from Landsat TM data. Sensors, 8:1128-1156.

Brommer, D., R. S. Cerveny, and R. C. Balling, Jr. 2007. Characteristics of long-duration precipitation events across the United States. Geophysical Research Letters, 34(22): L22712.

Cerveny, R. 2007. Weather and the Mongols: How the Forces of Nature Helped Shape an Empire. Weatherwise, 60(4): 22-25.

Cerveny, R. S., J. Lawrimore, R. Edwards, and C. Landsea. 2007. Extreme Weather Records: Compilation, Adjudication and Publication. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 88(6): 853-860.

Cerveny, R., V. D. Belitskaya, P. Bessemoulin, M. Cortez, C. Landsea and T. C. Peterson. 2007. A New Western Hemisphere 24-hour Rainfall Record. WMO Bulletin , 56(3): 212-215.


1986 - Ph.D. (Geography) University of Nebraska
1983 - M.A. (Geography) University of Nebraska
1981 - B.S. (Geography) University of Nebraska