Sergio J. Rey

(619) 928-4499 (Google number - no long-distance charge)
COOR 5612


1994 - Ph.D. (Geography) University of California, Santa Barbara
1988 - M.A. (Geography) University of California, Santa Barbara
1985 - B.S. (Environmental Science) Stockton State College

Research Interests

Open source geocomputation, spatial econometrics, spatial data analysis, economic geography, integrated multiregional modeling, regional science

Selected Publications

2014 Rey, S.J. “Fast algorithms for a space-time concordance measure.” Computational Statistics. Forthcoming.

2014 Rey, S.J. “Rank based Markov chains for regional income distribution dynamics.” Journal of Geographical Systems. DOI:10.1007/s10109-013-0189-0.

2014 Rey, S.J., A.T. Murray, T.H. Grubesic, E. Mack, R. Wei, L. Anselin and M. Grif- fin. “Sex Offender Residential Movement Patterns: A Markov Chain Analysis.”Professional Geographer , 66(1): 102-111.

2013 Rey, S.J., L. Anselin, R. Pahle, X. Kang, and P. Stephens. “Parallel Optimal Choropleth Map Classification in PySAL.” International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 27(5): 1023-1039

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